Bucket Tilter Bucket Tilter

Millerbees Mfg

Bucket Tilter


The Millerbees Bucket Tilter is for tilting 3.5 to 5 gallon buckets with bottom gates, to get the last few quarts of Honey or other liquid out without getting the debris floating on the top or the debris that sank to the bottom.  (Bucket and...

Hive Weigh Hive Weigh

Millerbees Mfg

Hive Weigh

$29.95 $17.00

Scale for weighing bee hives.   Free Shipping. This scale is a hand held portable scale specifically for weighing bee hives easily and quickly.  The Hive Weigh is less than 6 inches long and 1 1/4 inches wide.  It will fit in your pocket.  The...





Honey bee swarm trap, catches honey bee swarms. Easily assembled, no tools required. Consists of extra strong “Con Pearl” box, weather resistant for years of use. Double deep size, 5 frame box, frame rests for any size (deep medium. etc.) standard Langstroth frames. Sample of...

Clear Inner Observation Cover Clear Inner Observation Cover


Clear Inner Observation Cover


Clear inner observation cover for a Langstroth bee hives.  The clear plastic is very tough, and will support feeder jars etc.  The wood frame is 3/4" square, domestic poplar wood.  A small piece of fiberglass window screen is included to lay over the opening; this will...


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Millerbees Sugar Shake Screen for making varroa mite count without killing any bees.  Fits inside a regular 70mm mason jar ring, and on pint size jar.  To use add 1/2 cup of water to jar.  Mark a line around jar at water level.  This 1/2...

Stainless Steel 70G Feeder lid Stainless Steel 70G Feeder lid

Millerbees Mfg

Stainless Steel 70G Feeder lid


Stainless Steel feeder lid fits standard 70G mason jars.  Never rusts.  Because it doesn't rust it is always much easier to twist off.  Saves time and saves your wrists. Propolis easily removed with a rubbing alcohol soak and brush.  Saves money in the long run,...

Drone Collection Cage Drone Collection Cage

Beetle Jail

Drone Collection Cage


Millerbees Drone collection Cage is for Honey bee breeders that do Artificial Insemination of queen honey bees.  The Drone Collection Cage make catching and storing Drone Honey bees easy.  There is a pivoting door to insert the selected drones.  The door pivots to lock drones...

Feed Easy Feed Easy


Feed Easy


*Millerbees Feed Easy* is a top of beehive sugar syrup feeder. The feeder is a poplar wood frame with #12 Stainless Steel screen sandwiched and glued in the middle. The feeder is placed over the opening of the inner cover. The bottom side of the frame is 3/8...

Cell Punch Grafting Tool Cell Punch Grafting Tool


Cell Punch Grafting Tool


Queen punch cell grafting tool Cell punch grafting tool is used to graft worker cells to create queen cells. This is a simple way to raise your own queens bees. The kit includes cell punch tool wood cell bases, bees wax, brush and complete instructions....

Swarm Trooper Cap and Feeder Swarm Trooper Cap and Feeder


Swarm Trooper Cap and Feeder


Swarm Trooper Feeder allows feeding your captured swarm while in the Swarm Trooper.  It holds a common feeder jar and raises the top lid a little so that rain will run off and holds the jar above the frames so the bees can easily access the...

Stainless Steel Ring Stainless Steel Ring

Millerbees Mfg

Stainless Steel Ring

$3.95 $2.00

Stainless Steel Mason Jar Threaded Ring fits standard 70mm mason jars.  Will not rust as other tin plated, silver or gold colored rings.  Stainless Steel material can be verified as it is not magnetic, as standard plated steel rings are.

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Locking Telescoping Covers Locking Telescoping Covers


Locking Telescoping Covers


Locking Telescoping Covers for Langstroth Hives Click on image to enlarge Millerbees Locking telescoping covers have integral "T" nut and Thumb screw, on the end, to lock the cover onto the hive. The opposite end of the covers have screw points to grip the hive...