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Millerbees Sugar Shake Screen for making varroa mite count without killing any bees.  Fits inside a regular 70mm mason jar ring, and on pint size jar.  To use add 1/2 cup of water to jar.  Mark a line around jar at water level.  This 1/2...

Stainless Steel 70G Feeder lid Stainless Steel 70G Feeder lid

Millerbees Mfg

Stainless Steel 70G Feeder lid


Stainless Steel feeder lid fits standard 70G mason jars.  Never rusts.  Because it doesn't rust it is always much easier to twist off.  Saves time and saves your wrists. Propolis easily removed with a rubbing alcohol soak and brush.  Saves money in the long run,...

Hive Weigh Hive Weigh

Millerbees Mfg

Hive Weigh

$29.95 $17.00

Scale for weighing bee hives.  This scale is a hand held portable scale specifically for weighing bee hives easily and quickly.  The Hive Weigh is less than 6 inches long and 1 1/4 inches wide.  It will fit in your pocket.  The Hive Weigh has...

Stainless Steel Ring Stainless Steel Ring

Millerbees Mfg

Stainless Steel Ring

$3.95 $2.00

Stainless Steel Mason Jar Threaded Ring fits standard 70mm mason jars.  Will not rust as other tin plated, silver or gold colored rings.  Stainless Steel material can be verified as it is not magnetic, as standard plated steel rings are.