Small Hive Beetle Traps and Bee Hive Accessories by Beetlejail

Problems with small hive beetles?

Millerbees Mfg. develops small hive beetle traps with screen boards and other specialty bee hive products as their only business. They are continually bringing new traps and products to the market, so please return to this site to check for new developments.

Need bee hive pest control for small hive beetles?

Small Hive Beetle TrapsBeetle Jail is a trademark name for small hive beetle traps made by Millerbees Mfg. Beetle Jail is the leader in nonchemical small hive beetle traps for use in honey bee hives. Millerbees has several types of traps: in-hive traps, under-hive traps, and the world's only entrance trap made to catch the small hive beetles as they try to enter a bee hive.

And if you want to keep small hive beetles out but allow the varroa mites to drop through, Millerbees Mfg. has screened bottom boards with the Beetle Jail so you can have the best of both worlds when fighting honey bee pests.

Millerbees Mfg. does not use or recommend using any chemicals in the traps. It is recommended that only food safe products such as vegetable oil, mineral oil, or diatomaceous earth to kill the beetles and varroa mites.

Our mission is to "make life easier for our billions of workers", by freeing honey bees from the fight against small hive beetles and other honey bee pests.

*Our traps are protected by one or more patents and patents pending. Dealer inquires for our small hive beetle traps are welcome. Please contact Millerbees Mfg. for dealer policy.